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We are accepting items with the minimum resale value of $150. We typically accept handbags, accessories, jewelry, watches, and brand new or lightly-worn shoes and outerwear.


Current Consignment Rates

For items under $300.00 CAD - $60 flat fee
$300.00 - $2000.00 CAD - 20% fee
$2001.00 to $10000 CAD - 15% fee
For all items over $10001.00 - 12% fee
*Minimum flat fee amount of $60

How It Works
1. Fill out the ‘Consignment Quote Form’ and provide as much detail as possible for an accurate quote. With your quote, include necessary photos of the item(s) you wish to consign including a front photo, and photos of any flaws.
2. Once our team receives your submission, we will send you a consignment and/or a buyout quote (if applicable). Please wait for 3-5 business days to receive your quote. The consignment quote means we will list your item at the quoted price and once sold, we will pay you your portion of the sale, and take our commission. The buyout quote means if you do not want to wait for the item to sell, we will offer you a another quote option for instant funds. All quotes are listed in Canadian dollar and valid for 30 days only. Quotes are subject to change after the 30-day post-quotation period.
3. If you accept our consignment or buyout quote, print out the email quote(s) and your consignment form(s) and attach the corresponding quote to each item and circle consignment or buyout option (if applicable). If your consignment form and quote are not with your bag, we cannot process your item. Once this is complete, please drop off or ship you item to our location.

Drop off hours: By appointment
 If you need an alternate drop off location please contact us at If you have chosen the consignment option the buyout quote will no longer be valid and can be changed if you request buyout after.
4. Once we have received your item(s) we will inspect for authenticity and condition stated. We have the right to adjust the quoted price if condition was not stated correctly so please make sure you state the flaws. We will then take professional pictures of the item and post it for sale. Please allow 5-7 business days to see your item posted from date of delivery/drop off as all our items go through a rigorous authentication process.
5. Your item is required to stay with us for a minimum of 60 days to sell. After the 60 days if you want your item back you will need to pay for the shipping costs or pick it up at our location. You can also leave it with us until sold by telling us to flash sale the item at a new price. If you want to withdraw your item early before the 60 days you will be subject to an early withdrawal fee of 10% of listing price which covers our time and labour for photographing and advertising the item.
6. If your item does sell, we will contact you to get your email address for paypal/email transfer to send you the funds minus our commission fees. We payout every Friday by end of day, so if you have not sold your bag by then you will have to wait until the following Friday. You MUST make sure you are registered for PayPal to avoid payment delays when our eTransfer has exceeded its limit.
7. If you select the buyout option, once our team processes your item (3-5 business days once we receive it) our payment manager will contact you for your buyout. 
Important Notice
By submitting this form, you agree that if any of your items are deemed non-authentic by our team, it results in a mandatory a $250.00 CAD fee/per item in order for you to receive the item back, this covers our shipping costs and our authentication time and labour. Any newer bags with a microchip or new sticker for serial numbers require the original receipt. 

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